What we do

Our mission is to educate and empower companies to minimize their environmental footprint, while igniting social equity and fortifying governance.

CGP verification program includes the operations evaluation, system and processes, products, and services. Evaluating each of these steps, the organization will significantly reduce its carbon footprint, optimize productivity and quality, and increase profitability, while decreasing risk and operating costs.

Our mission is to educate and empower companies
to minimize their environmental footprint
while igniting social equity and fortifying governance.

We serve a wide assortment of Industries


CGP assists clients in implementing environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes throughout the entire life cycle of a building, including planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. Given the complexities of the construction industry, it is crucial to ensure the establishment of effective efficiencies.


CGP verifies and accredits the quality of consumer products and services to assist clients and their supply chains in complying with global regulations. This comprehensive verification and accreditation process encompass a wide range of industries, including but not limited to printing, textiles, agriculture, interior design, construction materials, chemicals, furniture manufacturing, technology, science, automotive, and healthcare-related services.


The CGP program ensures the provision of high-quality and safe food and beverages through the enforcement of strict criteria. CGP provides specifications that encompass the entire supply chain, including machinery, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, labelling, packaging, retail, and storage.


Occupational health and safety practices necessitate collaboration and engagement from employers and workers. CGP plays a crucial role in establishing and enforcing standards, delivering training, and promoting ongoing improvement in workplace well-being.

CGP’s guidelines and recommendations are applicable across all industries and sectors, large or small, regardless of the products or services offered. CGP’s guidelines are sufficiently flexible and include key performance indicators that can be applied
according to certification level, geographic area, and local factors.


CGP provides education to attain the Certified Environmental Associate (CEA) designation, gaining a comprehensive understanding of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Aspiring auditors must complete 25 online hours, 15 practice hours, and submit an audit report.

Additionally, our globally approved Training Partners (ATPs) offer official e-learning courses, including, but not limited to, BRCGS Food, SQF, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 45000, and FSCC22000. These courses expand knowledge across various domains of expertise.

Become Certified

While CGP developed the internationally recognized integrated certification program, we do not conduct the entire process ourselves. An independent third-party organization performs an audit to assess adherence to CGP guidelines and recommendations. Once the process is complete, CGP issues the certificate and the right to use the CGP Seal of Compliance.

The certification program consists of three levels: IEMP 1, IEMS 2, and IEMS 3 (Integrated Environmental Management Program / System). All sustainable efforts documented by the company are evaluated and converted into points on a 100-Point Scale with 8 tiers. Each tier corresponds to a specific number of points. The company’s certification level is determined based on the accumulated sustainability points, along with other specified guidelines.

The Benefits

Integrating a management system into your business operations will reduce your carbon footprint, decreases operating costs, risk management, and increases productivity and profitability. It will help your business to emerge as a supplier of choice for clients who consider ecological strategies, operations of suppliers and products as part of their green procurement policies.

Certificates Issued

Audits Done

Approved Training Partners (ATPs)


Auditors and Experts


Seal that works


CGP invites you to participate in what has become one of the most respected and successful awards programs for the past twenty years since its launch through the Developers & Builders Alliance in 2003, The Community Advancement Awards.

Eligibility. Any project completed or under progress (corporate or construction) between November 2020 to May 2023. Each applicant may submit an unlimited number of entry forms. Categories: Community, Environment, Science and Technology and Sustainable Building in different classes.

Entries Deadline: August 14th, 2023
Awards recipients Announcement: November 18th, 2023
Additional information at events@cgp.earth


Corporate Membership

At CGP, we provide two distinct levels of membership: Corporate and Director. This allows organizations and individuals to choose the membership option that best aligns with their needs and objectives.

We understand that every company has distinct requirements and goals. Whether you are a small start-up or a global enterprise, our membership levels are tailored to accommodate your needs, ensuring that you receive maximum value and support from your CGP affiliation.

By joining CGP, we provide you with a unique opportunity to connect and engage with influential figures within your industry.



Accessing seminars and training programs is crucial for staying in compliance and staying up to date with ever-changing standards and regulations, enabling your company to thrive in a competitive landscape.

As a member, CGP offers an array of powerful platforms, including our diverse social media channels and prominent trade events, where you can effectively showcase your company’s products or services.

For companies dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, CGP recognizes and values your efforts. Upon verification, we provide a formal letter of acknowledgment, validating your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our evolution

Certified Green Partners® (CGP) was established in 2008 with its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Our initial focus was on providing educational seminars to help print shops reduce the environmental impact of their operations, including paper usage, inks, and recycling. As we expanded our industry markets, we realized that these seminars alone were insufficient to make a substantial difference in environmental damage and pollution. To address this, CGP developed an integrated management program that adheres to globally accepted standards, procedures, and practices, aligning with our objective to promote sustainability.

In late 2012, CGP partnered with the Developers & Builders Alliance (DBA) connecting its objectives of sustainable development. This collaboration leveraged the expertise and leadership of the DBA’s founding members and global partners, strengthening CGP’s position as a highly influential certification organization. 

This partnership marked a significant milestone in our mission. Subsequently, in May 2019, CGP and the DBA merged brands, under the Certified Green Partners name.

In response to the evolving business landscape, we conducted a comprehensive review in 2021. This review led us to expand our program’s scope to ensure the safety of food and pharmaceutical packaging production, among other critical areas. By doing so, we aim to support organizations in maximizing their corporate responsibilities and effectively addressing pressing environmental challenges.

Our objective remains unchanged: empower organizations to take proactive steps in reducing their environmental impact. We continually update and enhance our program, driven by a collective global commitment to combat climate change. By aligning our vision with corporate goals, we strive to be at the forefront of sustainable practices and inspire positive transformation worldwide.


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CGP spreads its message and sustainability goals through a global network, carefully selecting directors based on leadership, and experience. Our directors collaborate with CGP to expand its reach and inspire companies to adopt environmental sustainability practices.

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Certified Green Partners® (CGP) is an independent, non-governmental organization based in Miami, Florida. Established in 2008, we specialize in training, audits, and certifications. Our board comprises 20 advisors, and we have issued 600 certificates and conducted 400 audits across 17 industrial sectors in 21 countries. Our comprehensive services extend beyond borders, supporting sustainable practices worldwide.







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