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We ensure your business aligns with international standards and regulations, guiding you toward certification. Our Integrated Environmental Management System Program (IEMSP) optimizes structure, operations, and products, reducing carbon footprint, boosting quality and profitability while cutting costs and risks.

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CGP developed the globally recognized Integrated Environmental Management System Program (IEMSP) but relies on independent third-party audits to ensure compliance with our guidelines and global standards. Upon successful completion, CGP issues the certificate and grants the use of the CGP Seal of Compliance. Our certification program includes three levels: IEMSP 1, IEMSP 2, and IEMSP 3, with sustainability efforts translated into points on a 100-Point Scale, determining your certification level.



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CGP’s versatile guidelines and performance indicators benefit a wide range of industries, offering tailored solutions:

Food and Agriculture

We ensure high-quality, safe food and beverages throughout the supply chain, from production to retail.

Health and Safety

We promote workplace well-being, setting and enforcing safety standards, and providing training.

Products and Services

We verify and accredit consumer products and services, aiding compliance with global regulations in sectors like printing, textiles, healthcare, and more.

Green Building

We guide clients in environmentally responsible building practices, covering planning, construction, operation, and more.

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Who We Are

Certified Green Partners®️ (CGP) is an independent, non-governmental organization headquartered in Miami, Florida. Since our establishment in 2008, we’ve been dedicated to empowering businesses through training, audits, and certifications. Our extensive path has led us to work across 20 countries, spanning 18 diverse industrial sectors. With over 600 certificates issued and 400 audits conducted, CGP’s comprehensive services transcend borders, making a global impact in promoting sustainable practices. This journey is driven by our vision for a future where connecting industry leaders, business owners, and governments, we can prioritize citizens’ well-being through sustainable practices and collective impact by 2030.

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CGP offers Certified Environmental Associate (CEA) education, covering social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Aspiring auditors must complete 25 online hours, 15 practice hours, and submit an audit report.

Additionally, our Approved Training Partners (ATPs) provide official e-learning courses, including BRCGS Food, SQF, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 45000, and FSCC22000, broadening knowledge in various expertise domains.


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From inception to innovation

Our Evolution

Certified Green Partners (CGP) embarked on its journey in Miami, Florida, in 2008 with a clear mission: to educate and empower industry leaders and organizations. Our commitment was to cultivate environmental responsibility, promote social equity, and instill governance excellence. This mission led us on a transformative path.

Our voyage began with educational seminars aimed at print shops, addressing pressing issues such as paper usage, inks, and recycling. However, we soon realized that seminars alone wouldn’t suffice. In response, we developed an integrated management program that aligned with global standards, setting the stage for our unwavering dedication to sustainability.

In 2012, we joined forces with the Developers & Builders Alliance (DBA), fortifying our position in sustainable development. The merger in May 2019 saw CGP and DBA combine under the Certified Green Partners name, further reinforcing our mission.



A pivotal moment in our drive arrived in 2021. A comprehensive review reaffirmed our commitment to our roots while expanding our program’s scope. We ventured into critical areas such as food safety, cosmetics quality, pharmaceutical compliance, and packaging excellence.

This marked our dedication to upholding global standards and best practices in these industries. Our integrated management system program remained at the forefront, revolutionizing organizations by optimizing operations, reducing environmental impact, and fostering sustainable practices worldwide.

In 2023, we entered the next chapter, welcoming a distinguished group of individuals into the CGP family, both as Corporate and Advisory Directors. These accomplished leaders, representing diverse industries, share our vision for a sustainable future and bring a wealth of expertise to our program. Their integration into CGP marks a significant milestone, reflecting the evolving landscape of modern business and the imperative for collaborative efforts to drive environmental change

This narrative encapsulates our transformative journey as we continue to educate, empower, and lead towards a sustainable and responsible future.



Experience the power of sustainability with CGP through our Corporate and Advisory Director Memberships. Gain valuable recognition, connect with influential industry leaders, and access the tools to maximize your impact. Join us in shaping a more sustainable world. Network with well-established companies across diverse industries, engage in seminars and training, enhance efficiency and profitability. Amplify your influence with extensive marketing exposure, networking opportunities, and valuable connections.

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