Understanding Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance, and Sustainability: A Comprehensive Training for Professionals

Transform your organization’s needs into a competitive advantage by acquiring the knowledge and tools required to implement an integrated management program in any industry.

By establishing specific criteria to define environmental, social, and governance systems as sustainable, you can elevate your organization to new heights.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified subject-matter experts will guide participants in understanding their organization’s position and provide practical solutions to meet the growing challenges that add business value.



1.-Develop a strategic approach to improve processes and systems, reduce operational costs, and increase profits in a planned manner.

2.-Provide training on implementing a comprehensive and efficient system to minimize the impact of business operations.

3.-Achieve compliance with global environmental standards and regulations.

4.-Obtain the Certified Environmental Associate certificate, accredited by Certified Green Partners®, to demonstrate proficiency and credibility in the field of environmental sustainability.


Upon completion of the training, participants will have the opportunity to take a 120-question exam. With a minimum score of 80%, they will be awarded the CERTIFIED ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATE accreditation, which is widely recognized in any industry.

For those who wish to advance their certification to the CERTIFIED INTERNAL AUDITOR level, they will need to complete an additional 16 hours of online training, 40 practice hours, and prepare an audit report. This additional training will provide participants with valuable skills and knowledge to become an expert in environmental auditing and management.


  • Understanding Sustainability and Its Impact in Our Surroundings.
  • Enhancing Performance, Operational Evaluation, Systems and Processes, Products, and Services.
  • Steps to Implement an ESG/Sustainability Program.
  • Importance of Training Your Team with Programs Compatible with Other Management Systems.
  • Key Business Challenges When Implementing ESG/Sustainability.
  • Essential Foundations to Maintain a Site: Design, Technology, and Innovation for Sustainability.
  • Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health.
  • CGP Verification Program.
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    about who we are

    Certified Green Partners® (CGP) is an independent, non-governmental global training, audit, and certification organization, founded in 2008 in Miami, Florida. As of today, we have a membership of 20 directors, 600 certificates issued, and 400 audits carried out in 15 industrial sectors in 21 countries.



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